March 2012

Technology Survey 2012

Bigger budgets concentrated not only on mainstream technology to support exhibitors and attendees—but moving into hipper areas, such as iPads, social media, e-marketing, smartphone apps, lead retrieval and customer database infrastructure. This is the most significant finding of EXPO’s Technology...

Hot-Button Issues for 2012

In a time with limitless opportunities for distraction, finding ways to make your brand’s message ring out above the noise is of central concern. For trade show organizers, the pressure is on to maintain and enhance their event’s relevance, while...

Big Bang Show Apps

If convention industry executives could order the be-all, end-all show management software, they would buy a scalable, fully robust, single-entry system that they could affordably customize and sync to new technologies yet to come. As EXPO magazine survey respondents indicated...

New Media Yearning

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Sun-tzu, Chinese general & military strategist ~400 BC The conventions and expositions industry prides itself on personal, face-to-face relationships built over time through tested allegiances and true ties. To the minds of...

Live Events Rule

In a way, traditional show organizers’ anxiety over virtual events has all been said and done: brick and mortar versus dot-coms, eyeballs and views.

Show Stoppers: The Art of Event Entertainment

The lights go down and the Spanish guitar begins to play. There’s an international flair, with cultural dancers and singers. It’s not a cafe in Barcelona; it’s the Natural Products Expo West show.

2012: Good Growth Expected

Many signs are pointing to good growth for the events industry this year. Various studies done by Red 7 Media are showing a positive outlook for 2012. Corporate confidence in events is back.