Why One Event Is Doing Away With Exhibitors

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Light Reading, a b-to-b publisher and event producer in the telecommunications market, tried something new with the launch of its Big Telecom Event (BTE) last month: they got rid of exhibitors. Companies still had the chance to make pitches and educate the show’s 1,500-plus attendees on the merits of their products, but it wasn’t on a traditional showfloor and it […]

How the Snow Show is Courting the Edges of Its Market

SIA Snow Show Day 1

Every event has its go-to exhibitors that sign on show after show, year after year, but chances are that’s not the case for your entire showfloor. Even the most comprehensive sales efforts never quite reach 100 percent market penetration—each market has pockets of potential exhibitors that either aren’t aware of a show, don’t think it’s worth it to them or […]

Sales Hunter or Farmer?


Who do you want for your sales staff? The salesperson who enjoys the hunt for the big catch that has eluded him or her so far? The one who quietly nurtures all the long-time customers who’ve exhibited at your show for many years and who you couldn’t do without? As I learned by sitting in on multiple conference sessions at […]

Why One Consumer Show Organizer Profits From Technology

Marketplace Events became a standalone company in 2008, when its leadership bought out the consumer show division of DMG Shows. However, the company six years later bears little resemblance to that former entity. Total revenue for Marketplace Events since 2009 has grown 48 percent. Exhibit revenue, which is the acid test for consumer shows, is up 26 percent since 2009. […]

Are You a Sales Hunter or a Sales Farmer?

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Everybody knows that the conventional wisdom is you can divide salespeople between the “hunters” and the “farmers,” those who aggressively go after new business and those who work hard to keep their current customers happy. Of course, in reality, the situation is not that black and white. That is one of the things that Charles Baisley, military group show director […]

Finding the Holy Grail of Trade Show Sales

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Many trade show sales staffs have been doing things the same way for years: Getting repeat customers signed up early and then looking for new business if and when there’s time. Segregating sponsorship and exhibit sales. Not paying much attention to attendee data, if any at all. Some of the more successful sales managers—of shows of every size—acknowledge that there’s […]

How Do You Create a Better Sales Commission Plan?

There are a lot of approaches to sales in the trade show industry and a wide range of compensation models. Commissions can be weighted. New business can be rewarded. Sales teams can be siloed. And what’s the right incentive for the right person? Expo Executive Editor Michael Hart spoke with World of Concrete Sales Manager Todd Gilmore about the art […]

A Reconfigured Floorplan Cuts Some Exhibitors Out and Adds Revenue


The Canadian Western Agribition (CWA), an agriculture show held every year, threw out the floor plan it had in place for years and managed to increase revenue by 20 percent—even after it took valuable space on the showfloor and turned it into an entertainment stage. “We’re spread out over 12 buildings,” says CWA Tradeshow Manager Corey Hoskins, “and we reorganized […]

Sell the Local Market, Sell More Sponsorships

AARP Life@50+

AARP moves its Life@50+ consumer event around the country twice a year, typically bouncing from west to east and back again. Doing so can create challenges when it comes to either exhibit and sponsorship sales or attendee marketing: Every show is a new audience market and a new exhibit hall to fill. However, Danielle Alexander, AARP’s exhibitor/sponsor development manager, has […]

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