Your Event Needs a Brand Manager


Earlier this month, EXPO magazine wrote about Advanstar Communications selecting Mo Murray as the new brand director for the Powersports Division. Advanstar manages a portfolio of 147 events, 68 publications and directories, 267 electronic products and websites, as well as educational and direct marketing products and services.

Though your company may not be as big, you should consider adding a brand manager if you don’t already have one. Social media, newsletters, face-to-face events, Webinars, marketing materials, print products, apps—I could go on. How is your company managing these properties to ensure synergies? Is the correct message being sent across all of these mediums?

Almost every event planner in today’s day-and-age discusses the need to be everywhere for everyone. While that is a singularly important idea, it isn’t enough in and of itself. If your brand’s core identify is not being portrayed the same in print, online and through mobile apps or other mediums, it can hurt growth by not being consistent for your core audiences.

Your brand manager should be coordinating with all members of your team, approving materials and generating ideas to make sure your brand is connecting with the right consumer, at the right time of day and in the appropriate channel. 

“Within the Powersports Division we have several properties—a series of consumer events, and the largest powersports tradeshow in North America. We have a trade magazine and several websites that support the trade and consumer sides of the business,” Murray told me. “The role I will be playing as part of a very capable team here is to make sure when anybody enters any one of our shows, opens a print magazine or clicks onto a website, that the feel and environment they step into is representative of who we are and who the industry we represent is.”

Your event needs to be more than just an event, it needs to be a 365 day experience, a media business that is available everywhere. If you’re doing this already, hats off to you. If you’re doing this without a brand manager, examine how your strategy and message is being played across the fragmented media landscape.

T.J. Raphael is the Associate Editor of EXPO magazine. Reach her at and follow her on Twitter: @TJRaphael1.