USGBC’s Greenbuild Conference Taps Event for Co-Location

U.S. Green Building Council‘s (USGBC) annual Greenbuild Conference and Expo will have a new addition to offer attendees and exhibitors; green technology event and conference VERGE (pictured right) will collocate with the USGBC’s flagship event in San Francisco.

“We were impressed with what GreenBiz did at VERGE,” says Jennifer Easton, a USGBC LEED green and communications associate, about the event’s parent company. “They have a great intersection of the business sphere and technology with green buildings and transportation. A lot of different sectors are connected with their brand through technology and innovation. After VERGE D.C. wrapped, it was exciting when we found out they were also putting on VERGE San Francisco—fortunately it was during the same timeframe as our Greenbuild Conference and Expo.”

VERGE has several events around the world in locations including, Brazil, London, China and Washington, D.C., in addition to San Francisco. Easton says that the partnership organically grew once the opportunity was identified—Greenbuild (pictured bottom left) has a broad focus on environmental issues, practices and businesses, while VERGE focuses primarily on the green technology sphere. 

“We will be able to introduce people from VERGE to Greenbuild who may not know who we are,” says Easton. “On the flip side, I think VERGE will have the added benefit of accessing our base of 35,000 to 40,000 attendees that are going to be at Greenbuild, and having these deeper conversations with them about technology.”

VERGE says this partnership between the two groups helps both to consolidate their respective positions. VERGE’s primary base consists of senior executives in the areas of sustainability, facilities, IT, fleets and energy. 

“By aligning two great events next to each other, we are making life a lot easier for our bases, and giving them a chance to be at the table for a very vital discussion,” says Pete May, president and co-founder of the GreenBiz Group. 

VERGE is just a year old, and the group anticipates about 600 attendees and 25 sponsors, making this co-location a welcomed avenue for growth.

“Greenbuild is the biggest event in the green space with an expected 40,000 attendees and one of the preeminent events worldwide in [this industry],” says May. “USGBC is now broadening the discussion at Greenbuild beyond buildings to cover the intersection with technology. VERGE, by contrast, is a conference for thought leaders focused on where energy is intersecting with buildings, transportation and information to create new market segments. Both attract powerful audiences—the two are totally synergistic which is why we have come together.”

The events will remain separate entities, but will promote each other to maximize crossover. There will be a discount code for Greenbuild attendees to register to VERGE.

“They do have separate personalities and we can reach two different crowds but also allow intermingling,” says Easton. “By combining these two events and co-promoting them, it really grows our stakeholder list. It also is a great opportunity to reach both groups—a key piece of this agreement is leveraging one another’s networks in different ways.”

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