Twitter: Use It to Keep Events Exciting

Kathleen Mudge, social media manager for Cisco Live, works hard to keep her events exciting, using social media to feed important information to attendees at certain times.

Mudge, who will speak on that topic during the Expo Social Media Summit Tuesday in Washington, D.C., talked in advance to Expo about what she’ll have to say.

Expo: What’s the most important thing to know about using social media to create excitement at an event?

Kathleen Mudge: Remember to always put the attendee first. We conduct our events for a purpose with messaging and experiences we want the attendee to receive. There are so many important company messages and products or solutions to relay to the attendee.

But we need to view everything from the attendee perspective and be cognizant of their experience and how we influence it. We need to coordinate with all participants to ensure we prioritize and streamline the content being shared and optimize the delivery channel(s) to the attendees. Make it simple. Make it clear. Make it fun. And make it easy.

Expo: How does your use of social media change once the event begins?

Mudge: Once the event begins, you want to make sure your messaging adjusts accordingly. Provide messages from the brand that help attendees navigate the conference and highlight the most important aspects of each day at the appropriate time. Conferences and venues can be overwhelming and you want to assist attendees in maximizing their time. Remind them of keynotes or important sessions, meet-ups or special opportunities and provide directional assistance as needed.

Always monitor and be able to adjust when issues arise. We can never predict the snafus or unforeseen issues that may arise. Social media provides an excellent channel to message corrections, adjustments or new information when issues arise.

The optimum communication channel is different for different audiences. You need to know your attendee preference before the event begins. For the Cisco Live brand, Twitter is optimal during the event. Twitter is widely used by our attendees and the communications are constant between the brand and the attendees throughout the conference. Cisco Live also uses Facebook for key messages and highlights through the day, but Twitter dominates with our attendees during the conference.

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