Tradeshow Mapping Gets Tech Savvy Upgrade

While a tradeshow is about business transactions on the floor of a convention center, the city setting of an event and its accessibility are also very important when it comes to attendees having a valuable and positive experience. That is why some event planners are using a new online tool called PointsMap for attendees.

“We use it from an association perspective,” says Nia Forster Hoyde, vice president and director of marketing and communications for the International Festivals and Events Association. “We have a map of the entire world and we show the location of festivals and events all over the globe. A planner can use it for their specific event—show where it’s located, see all the booths, locations of entertainment acts and go the next step and see the food booths and what they are serving.”

PointsMap, says Foster Hoyde, allows attendees and exhibitor to see where all the meetings, events and booths are at the convention center. The points on the map can be populated with photos, links to audio and video files, PDF files, coupons, and schedules that can be updated in real time as needed.

“You can see an overhead view of a whole layout,” says Foster Hoyde. “You can have a Google Maps satellite image or you can have a more caricature-type map (pictured) that resembles a tourist map. Each time you click on something you go into a deeper level of an event.”

If a user clicks on a booth, a restaurant or location, event planners can populate the description with its exact location, a website link, event schedule, images, sound, video and provide Google directions. Additionally, attendees can add educational sessions or exhibitors to visit to their PointsMap itinerary.

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