Social Media Faux Pas Fixes

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 4.26.10 PM_0Colossal social media screw-ups are rare, like when the 2013 New York Comic Con tweeted on behalf of attendees who weren’t aware they had opted-in to the practice. The backlash ended the experiment quickly.

But a persistent faux pas that’s easy to fix, according to David Haas, director of technology solutions for Freeman XP, is a lack of engagement with your social network.

“Events spend a lot of time and energy and sometimes a lot of money buying Facebook ads, commercial spots on LinkedIn or Twitter, to get these followers; and then they don’t provide much value,” Haas says.

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Haas says that if an organizer is going to invest that money, it should be done strategically and with a long-term view. He offers some pointers:

  1. Remember that the point of social media is to connect with users.
  2. Have a year-round strategy that keeps your community engaged.
  3. An event focused on topic or industry is connected to activities and information generated year round— commit to providing access to that.
  4. Make it meaningful and interesting.
  5. Develop a voice that’s tuned to the audience you’re going after.
  6. If multiple people post on your behalf, “have a game plan … that ensures that the way you communicate and the language that you use is consistent with the voice that you’ve established,” Haas says.