Personalize Your Social Media Wall

A social media wall on the showfloor can do more than provide updates and dates; it can also respond to the interests of your attendees. David Haas, the director of technology solutions for Freeman XP, says social media walls need to be tied to a specific business objective.

“Don’t do a wall because you saw one at a show and you thought they were cool,” Haas says. “There really has to be a deep level of planning and alignment with what you’re trying to do with an event.”

Some of Freeman’s clients wanted to see how attendees were using their social media walls.

“Rather than just putting a wall up and saying, ‘We have an audience of 10,000 people and some of them are going to see it,’ … we wanted to actually measure it,” Haas says.

So they incorporated RFID (radio frequency identification) technology into an interactive social media wall. Attendees could use the wall to access information that meets their needs (e.g., expanded schedule information) or interests (the latest pictures posted by show participants). Utilizing near field communication (NFC), all a person had to do was get close to the wall and the wall would then read the NFC chip encoded with their personal information. The wall would then display relevant information.

“You gain insight into what might be valuable to you personally,” Haas says. “I can walk up to this thing and it’ll say, ‘There’s 120 others like you. I’m going to tell you what they’re ‘liking,’ what they signed up to do and give you an aggregate.”

And all of that engagement is recorded in the database for review after the show: who used the wall, how many times, for what purpose and which searches they conducted.

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