Optimism Among American Show Organizers

American show managers lead the international exhibitions industry in their belief that the global economic crisis is over. However, the view of those in the rest of the world is less optimistic.

That was the conclusion of a Global Barometer survey conducted by

At the same time, a majority of tradeshow companies from all over the world indicate revenue is increasing and more than half say they have seen operating profit margins increase by at least 10 percent since 2011.

Nearly 60 percent of those American show organizers surveyed for the report say the crisis is over for them. The next most optimistic group of show organizers is from the Middle East and Africa, with just under 50 percent believing the downturn to be over. Least optimistic are those in Europe, at 30 percent.

Unfortunately, overall global sentiment is that the industry’s recovery will continue to be slow. Just 27 percent of the companies surveyed believe an economic turnaround will begin this year, down from 36 percent last year. More than half, 53 percent, say the recovery will begin in 2015 and 20 percent say it will be later than that.

Despite the fact that opinions about an economic recovery differ from region to region, more than 80 percent of all respondents indicated the same three issues as cause for concern:

• The state of their national or regional economies (24 percent)

• Global economic uncertainty (19 percent)

• Internal management challenges (18 percent)

UFI received responses from 178 show managers, including 11 in the United States, for the Global Barometer survey.

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Posted by Michael Hart

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