New to Your Show’s Neighborhood

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Tradeshow organizers will have a few new hotels to offer their attendees in 2014.

Close to 100 hotels are opening up in American cities during the coming year, according to a report from Hotel Chatter. While the list isn’t a complete one, it’s a good indicator of which locales are investing in amenities for visitors.

New York City tops the list with 21 new hotels set to open, with Miami (7) and Chicago (6) as distant runner-ups. Other major tradeshow destinations like Orlando (4) and Las Vegas (3) are expecting a few additions as well.

A number of lower-profile event cities—Charlotte, N.C. (3), Tampa, Fla. (2), Los Angeles (2), Nashville, Tenn. (2) and Washington, D.C. (2)—will also have multiple hotels opening.

Check out the hotel sites, brands and projected open dates in the map below.

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