IEEE’s Conference Publishing Services Add E-Book Service

IEEE Computer Society’s Conference Publishing Services division will now offer conference attendees published proceedings in an e-book format for easy access.

“We produce more than 200 academic conferences per year,” says Margo McCall, corporate communication manager at IEEE, in a call. “Researchers like to bring and present their papers and read all the other papers.”

McCall contends that these academic research papers, also known as proceedings, are lengthy, often 600 or 700 pages and upwards of 1,000 pages. IEEE found it would behoove them to offer event organizers a digital-only option.

“If [papers] were available in print they would be very heavy and expensive to ship,” McCall says. “ A few years ago, we started by offering CD-ROMs and PDFs, but now that e-books seem to be coming of age, we wanted to roll this out.”

The e-book’s production will remain similar to the traditional arrangement in terms of editing and accepting papers. IEEE will then publish links to proceedings as part of the event app where attendees can access them via a password.

While more convenient and cost-effective than print, McCall notes that digital publication does carry a cost. Conference organizers will foot the bill, but the amount is dependent on overall production volume.

The e-books will be accessible on various digital platforms including tablets, android devices, smart phones and e-readers and will include a built-in search feature.

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