IAEE Launches New Member App

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) launched an app last week, IAEE Direct, dedicated to increasing member engagement while leading it’s base of show organizers.

“It made sense since the overwhelming majority of our members have tablets and smartphones,” says Cathy Breden, COO of IAEE. “It provides for scalability for all of our products and services. We’re trying to provide value and services to our members in whatever format they need it in.”

IAEE relied on favorable usage statistics from its dedicated annual and midyear meetings apps in the decision to develop IAEE Direct. Last year’s midyear meeting app, MYM12, was downloaded 215 times by its 250-attendee base (86 percent); out of 1997 attendees at Expo! Expo!, the app received 1655 downloads (82.8 percent). Adoption rates in the mid-80s are considered high by industry standards.

The association decided not to package IAEE Direct with one or both of those show apps however.

“We did not combine the apps into one so that attendees would have the show directory at their fingertips,” says Susan Brower, vice president of marketing and communications for IAEE. “People can compare year to year and refer back for information which provides a finite place to find data and materials from a specific year. Members can now find more specific info on exhibitors, suppliers [and] attendees who did not go to Expo! Expo! or the Midyear Meeting.”

Apart from easing access to member data, IAEE wanted to serve as an industry guide, Breden adds.

“We wanted to give them an idea of what they may want to do themselves, or how they may want to create their apps,” she says. “To give them as many tools as we possibly can to show them what we’re doing and if they want to consider doing it for their own organization.”

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Posted by Michael Rondon

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