How CES Gets Everybody Registered—Quick

Regret those long lines at your show’s registration on opening day? Then consider taking registration to your attendees. ITN International did just that at the 2014 International CES by deploying mobile badge pickup carts it designed for that purpose.

Instead of mailing out badges or having one central check-in location at the venue, 24 mobile carts established multiple and easily accessible registration sites, including at hotels and the airport.

The mobile cart is a highly organized and functional work station that shaves seconds off almost every step in the registration process, according to Ivan Lazarev, president and CEO of ITN International. That makes a big difference when thousands of attendees are eager to get through the doors.

“It looks like a hot-dog cart that we equipped with our technology,” Lazarev says. “It has a printer. It has a laptop. It has a barcode gun. It has storage areas. It’s secure, so you can cover it at night and open it the next morning.”

The self-contained unit requires only an electrical outlet and Internet access to be fully operational. When the carts were deployed at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas for the 2014 International CES, a wireless router was added.

Every piece of equipment is positioned to support the steps required for the efficient registration of any show participant—attendees, VIPs, vendors and media. Near field communication (NFC) badges were encoded with attendees’ information, eliminating the need for printed materials.

“We have paper printers that we have equipped with an NFC encoder,” Lazarev says. “The printer is off-the-shelf, but the integration of the encoder is something ITN did.”

The end result was that CES attendees got their badges in 5 minutes on average.

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