Email is Migrating to Mobile…Are You?

An ExactTarget blog post a few weeks ago caught my attention with an excellent graphic that shows just how fast mobile email consumption has grown over the past year.

The reason this is so important is simple: email still remains a “killer app” in terms of driving attendance and registration dollars for shows.

The challenge for event marketers is that this “killer app” is migrating to mobile. I see this trend playing out first-hand by looking at tracking data for email campaigns from my clients’ shows, and it is reinforced by many conversations with event marketers and feedback I get at my industry presentations. If you want to continue getting that killer ROI from email, you need to migrate too!

Not only are we seeing significant platform migration (i.e. desktop to mobile as reflected in this graphic), but email client market share is also fluid and should be factored into your email strategy. These macro data points are a great starting point, but you will, of course, need to determine these metrics for your specific target audiences in order to maximize your email returns.

One of the simplest, yet most valuable things you can do is to understand what your emails look like on different mobile devices. I am often amazed at how many proofs marketers will send around for a print brochure/ad, but won’t test an email message on more than one mobile device, if any at all.

I have multiple mobile devices and emails render differently on them – and sometimes I don’t bother even reading an email if I don’t like the way it renders.

Perhaps there are people like me in your audience!

Cristopher Levy is managing partner of Encore Media Partners. Encore is an audience strategy, marketing and media buying agency covering traditional, digital and mobile platforms,which specializes in local, national and global trade and consumer shows, exhibitions and conferences. Reach him at