DOMOTEX 2013 Launches Hub for Key Visitor Group

I know from first-hand experience with my agency’s clients that target-specific marketing can be a very effective tool for maximizing attendance and registration dollars from key audience segments.     

Developing and/or curating content specifically for a subset of your overall attendee universe, and leveraging target-specific messaging, added-value services and pricing and packaging, enables you to better engage this target set.  

I recently noticed a new target-specific marketing program launched by last week’s DOMOTEX 2013, which brought together 40,000 visitors with 1,350 suppliers in Hannover, Germany, and I want to share with you some thoughts on this program.  

About 20 percent of the attendees at DOMOTEX are skilled tradespeople. This group is an important audience segment, not just because of its size but also because these professionals play a key role in the purchase funnel for the products sold at the show as they work directly with buyers and influence their purchasing decisions.  

In order to better serve this key group, DOMOTEX launched TREFFPUNKT HANDWERK (SKILLED TRADES HUB) at its 2013 edition.  For the first time this year, DOMOTEX included all activities aimed at this group in a new dedicated event zone.  

DOMOTEX’s targeting of this group was clearly reflected in its messaging: "The SKILLED TRADES HUB in Hall 7 will be the central focal point for the floor-laying trades." In addition to a dedicated web page, the Hub was also supported by promotion in the show’s e-newsletter and a dedicated 12-page eBook and PDF.  

Here are some quick highlights from the Hub…  

• The Hub had stages set up that enabled visitors to see the latest machines and floor-laying tools relevant to them in action. They could also demonstrate them with help and guidance from equipment experts.  

• Representatives from leading manufacturers of products targeting this group showcased their products in the Hub.  

• The Hub was home to the show’s popular Skilled Trades Forum, educational programming for the floor-laying skilled trades.  

• A robust food and beverage offering and set of social activities were offered in the Hub in order to promote a conducive networking environment.  

It is important to note that this new DOMOTEX program was not just about spinning some copy on the show web site, in e-mails, etc., in a different way, the SKILLED TRADES HUB actually enhanced the value proposition to this segment. 

Cristopher Levy is managing partner of Encore Media Partners. Encore is an audience strategy, marketing and media buying agency covering traditional, digital and mobile platforms, which specializes in local, national and global trade and consumer shows, exhibitions and conferences. Reach him at

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