Ask the Expert: When Do I Post to Facebook?

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This week’s question is directed to Liz Matzke, marketing manager for the World Dairy Expo.

Expo: We have a fairly good-sized annual show—about 10,000 square feet, around 2,500 attendees—but a very small full-time staff. It seems like we’re always busy with something. We have figured out that social media can really help us build attendance, but we can’t figure out the best way to come up with a schedule for when we send messages out.

Liz Matzke: Managing social media can be a full-time job. Luckily, there are tools to make scheduling, managing and posting messages easier. Free dashboard programs such as TweetDeck and HootSuite allow you to post messages to multiple social media sites as once, such as Twitter and Facebook.

These programs also have the ability to schedule posts. This is invaluable during your show when you won’t have time to post to your page. Instead you can schedule tweets and posts weeks in advance. It also allows you to follow, reply and repost what people are saying about your show. It can save time and helps to streamline social media messaging.

When you post your messages depends on your audience. What time of day are they on the computer? Are they more likely to be checking social media during the week or on the weekend?

I work in agriculture. Farmers like to check social media and e-mail when they come in after morning chores. That makes the 9 a.m. hour valuable to us. There is a great infographic available that can help guide you to when your audience is on Facebook.

A good rule of thumb is to post a minimum of once a week. You want content that is valuable and informational. Posts can be as simple as a photo or even just a countdown to your event. Reward your audience. Give them the first inside look at new products, seminars, new events and more.

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