Add Telemarketing to Your Marketing Campaign

When AGENDA Long Beach wanted to increase its attendance, the staff used an old-fashioned form of communication—the telephone. Combined with an e-mail marketing campaign and the usual pre-show promotions, this extra element proved quite successful.

“We took a very personal approach and increased telemarketing to reach out to retailers,” says Cristian Robalino, marketing manager for Agenda Long Beach. “We also…added a face to the show by adding our director of retail relations to some of the e-mails for a personal touch.”

Here’s what was included:

• The goal was to add a personal touch before the show. A live person from the show would be there to answer questions, assist with travel arrangements and engage with customers. This included addressing issues and, instead of waiting to hear complaints and grumbling, the calls created an opportunity to actively solve problems.

• Telemarketing was combined with an e-mail campaign. The e-mails provided content and information intended to help customers prepare for the show. “It featured brand content, identified new brands and provided useful tools, such as the official agenda app,” Robalino says.

• The result? Feedback was “extremely positive,” according to Robalino. In addition to being one of the largest shows to date, there were “more curated brands than ever before” on last year’s showfloor.

Show Stats

Name of show: Agenda Long Beach

Show owner/organizer: Reed Exhibitions

Venue and location: Long Beach, Calif.

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