5 Ways to Leverage Real-time Show Data

Show apps collect a lot of information about the people who use them, but show managers aren’t leveraging its full potential, according to Eric Francois, COO of Topi, an event app developer. He says his company only holds show data on its servers for 30 days and the failure of show managers to collect that information is a “wasted opportunity.”

“As soon as you start having mobile technology at your event, you can capture a lot of real-time data,” Francois says.

However, this requires fully integrating registration, social media and show activities and creating engagement opportunities to encourage use of the show app. Information collected during the activities is more accurate than post-event surveys, which require remembering and accurately applying impressions to the correct speakers, session content and other show components.

“Every single action in the app…is logged in the app,” Francois says. “How many people viewed that session? How many people looked at a document? How many people filled out a survey that was available in the app?”

Analysis of this information can begin during the show, if an organizer dedicates the staff to do it. In this context, the qualitative information is most valuable, according to Francois. Negative comments can help identify and rectify problems. Positive comments can help promote buzz around a booth or a show activity.

Francois offers suggestions for promoting use of the app and collecting real-time data.

• Have staff monitor feedback during the show, watching for trends and issues.

• Integrate social media so postings to the show app automatically feed to other social networks.

• Offer chat rooms and groups in your app, bringing together like-minded attendees.

• Use games and contests to encourage attendees to fill out app surveys throughout the show.

• Post-show, get all the data your app collected and look for behaviors across social demographics.

“The main element is really understanding who’s coming, having some additional information about your attendees … (for) learning purposes for future events,” Francois says. “From a revenue generation standpoint, there’s a lot of capture that could be done here.”

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