3 Ways to Change Up Your Social Media Initiatives

The International Sign Association’s (ISA) social media strategy for its 2013 ISA International Sign Expo helped boost participation by 19.1 percent. The changes the association made started before the show and ran all the way through the event.

Check out these simple yet effective engagement options:

• Focus promos on information and content. Make promotional materials substantive.

Attendees need to know why they should come, not just how to register. The mix of 60 percent promotional and 40 percent content, with an emphasis on “relevant and interesting content” for attendees, resulted in dramatic social media increases:

Facebook likes increased 74 percent.

Twitter followers increased 70 percent.

LinkedIn followers grew by 33 percent.

• Put social media front and center.

A 10.5′ x 7.5′ video/media wall in the concourse did double duty as an informational tool and a fun stop. Daily updates, including special events and important happenings at different time

s throughout the day, were always available. But so, too, was an ISA video and the real-time Twitter feed. But for a few more seconds of fame….

• Put selfies to work … and for fun.

Two photo kiosks enabled attendees to take photos of themselves and upload them to their social media accounts or send them out via e-mail. Those same photos were accessed by the show and posted to the video/media wall. That had people taking photos of their photos when they were up on the wall.

Show Stats

2013 ISA International Sign Expo

Event date: April 4-6, 2013

Venue: Mandalay Bay Resort & Convention Center, Las Vegas

Showfloor: 202,475 net square feet

Number of exhibiting companies: 596

Number of booths: 2,024

Attendance: 19,486

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