12 Must-dos for an Outdoor Demo Site

Outdoor Retailer (OR) holds summer and winter shows with outdoor demonstration areas in the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City, where attendees can try manufacturers’ products.

Once a site is chosen for an outdoor demonstration area, the use of the space will determine the preparations necessary. Kenji Haroutunian, vice president and group show director for Emerald Expositions, describes some of the needs a show manager must address to make sure the site will be ready for vendors and attendees.

Liability insurance

• A minimum $1 million policy is standard. Exhibitors are required to have insurance, as well, and the venue, if it’s on private land, such as a ski resort, often does too.


• “There are options in portables that didn’t exist before, including ADA-friendly versions, and higher-end treatments,” Haroutunian says.

Other “utilities”

• Washing stations for people and equipment to rinse off dust and salt are helpful.

• Food vendors (usually trucks or caterers) are important.

• Water misters for tent canopies, heaters, bonfires or campfires can help mitigate temperatures. • In arid regions, water sprayers can be used to control dust.

• These utility elements have to be dialed into the particular type and landscape of the demo venue.

• Emerald Expositions uses tour bus shuttles.

• The company hires a fixture-furniture rental company for exhibitor needs and for its own larger tents and tables.

• Full registration is available on site at demos, using satellite technology for computer connectivity. • First aid services are essential.

• Volunteers or staff might need to manage parking.

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